Supply Chain Management

The courses in this program examine ways in which businesses can adopt practices to meet higher ethical standards. The courses provide a deep understanding of the complexities within businesses functions using real world case studies. Students will adopt creative approaches to problem solving and business development.

  • Profit and Ethics: In today’s economy, there is more public awareness than ever before regarding where, how, and by whom consumer goods are produced. This is clearly a good thing, but for many companies, the pressure to maintain or increase profit margins while adopting new, more ethical practices across their supply chains can be very challenging and incur costs as well as risks. But profits and ethics need not be at odds. With the right strategies, companies can remain profitable while changing practices to meet higher ethical standards. This course will examine some of those strategies and fundamental principles, using real world case studies as examples.

  • Sustainable Luxury Value Management: In the past, luxury was primarily conspicuous consumption by the wealthy elite. Today, the emergence of ‘masstige’ brands has made luxury goods more accessible to a mass audience, and this has led to significant changes in the value propositions of global as well as local luxury brands. Creating value in this changing landscape can be tricky, and too many brand managers have taken shortsighted view of their own sustainable value equations, which has led to many consumer misperceptions and in many cases, the forfeiture of a great deal of brand equity. This intensive program is a deep dive into what “luxury” means in various sectors, and examines how businesses can create and execute strategies for sustainable value propositions in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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