Governance, Compliance and Finance

The courses in this program provide a deeper understanding of the inner workings of risk and financial stability. Understanding how to adopt responsible business practices allow companies to avoid reputational and financial missteps.

  • Compliance and Governance: This course offers a holistic approach to Compliance, Governance, and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), shifting your focus from mitigation toward optimization through a new understating of the relationship between risk management and company strategy. Sooner or later every organization will face a crisis. The ability to assess speed and duration of impact is critical.

  • Finance For Creatives: Finance, whether at a corporate, departmental or personal level can be anathema to many creative professionals, and yet increasingly is a required and vital skill set for individuals and corporate executives across a broad spectrum of public and private businesses. This program engages the non-financial professional in the fundamentals of finance as they apply generally to a business, and more specifically to creative serves management.

  • Reputational Risk Management: This program examines the relationship between reputational risk management and company performance, and offers practical methods for shifting a company’s internal perception of reputational risk management from being a discipline focused on mitigation to a discipline focused on optimization. The advent of social media has been a two-edged sword for the filed of reputational risk management; while it opens new avenues for brand engagement, it also opens new risks and challenges fro brand reputations as well as security risks. It also requires a much higher degree of social and cultural awareness than ever before, as well as the ability to implement sound communication strategies in real time. Reputational risk management is no longer a passive, reactionary practice, but a core business practice that affects everyone in the organization from the shareholders to the customers.

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