Global Leadership

The courses in this program prepare managers to attract and retain talent within their organizations. Our philosophy is to inspire cross-functional leadership that addresses the needs of internal and external stakeholders. Our courses serve as a platform to insert the values of the organization across the company’s platform to drive purpose for your employees.

  • Global Talent Management: Attracting, retaining, and developing talent has become increasingly complex given the rapid evolution of global capital and labor markets, the increasingly knowledge-driven nature of competitive advantage, and changes in employee values associated with generational diversity, loyalty, and career development. This program will help you develop your personal, interpersonal and strategic effectiveness in global talent management.

  • International Responsible Leadership: Leadership in the 21st century requires a long-term vision of economic, environmental and societal success. This course explores the principles leaders use to balance shareholder interests, worker interests, government regulations, social and environmental responsibility, community development and supply chain management I a way that is both profitable and ethical.

- Glasgow Caledonian University is currently only offering Executive Education courses, offered to employers on behalf of their employees, pending the review and approval of its charter to offer credit-bearing and degree-related courses in New York.  Learn more about our return policy.