Business of Fashion

The courses within this program provide an outstanding platform for career development in the global retail sector. The lessons draw from the latest research and industry thinking in strategy, brand management and luxury marketing. The key emphasis throughout the program is a to take a strategic view of the nature, characteristics and business opportunities inherent to the retail sector, whilst adopting a creative approach to problem solving and business development.

  • Luxury and Sustainability: Luxury and sustainability are ultimately far more supportive of each other than divisive. This program will demonstrate how sustainability can offer a significant competitive advantage to any luxury brand. This intensive training gives managers and executives the tools they need to manage luxury brands with an eye on sustainability in today’s rapidly changing environment.

  • Making Fashion Social: Securing Business Opportunities in Social Media: Social media is now at the very heart of the fashion business. When properly managed, social media platforms deliver powerful customer insights and provide superior opportunities for customer engagement. This program explores how to use social media to change consumer behavior.
  • Principles of Fair Fashion: Fashion can be a force for good by encouraging fair production and distribution practices. For too long, many in the industry believed these practices to be inherently antithetical to making a profit, but that’s simply not true. Short-term thinking has devastating long-term effects for workers, consumers, brands, and the environment. This program will help you reconfigure processes in your organization to make fashion fairer and better for all – while making, or even increasing, your profit goals.

  • Strategic Brand Value Management: In recent years, US Fashion brands have faced intense competition from international high street brands and an influx of brands catering to increasingly price-conscious consumers as consumers and regulatory bodies have called for the fashion industry to raise its standards of social responsibility. This program provides a blueprint for increasing brand equity while raising ethical standards with regards to labor, supply chain management and environmental impact.

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