Linking three great cities

GCU’s presence in three great cities – Glasgow, London and New York – creates enhanced opportunities for educational, professional and cultural development.

GCU is the first British university to establish a campus in New York and it was the first Scottish university to open a campus in London.

In addition to these cities, GCU works in partnership with the Caledonian College of Engineering in Oman, Grameen Healthcare Trust operating the Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing in Bangladesh and The University of Johannesburg delivering a BSc in Railway Operations Management. Both schools have won international recognition with the awarding of “Best Educational Institution in Engineering” by the World Education Congress and the “Unilever International Award” for our impact on healthcare and education. 

GCU New York will play a pivotal role in extending the University’s global network, which is vital to GCU’s future growth and is an integral part of its internationalization strategy. 

By encouraging the free-flow of ideas between students, academic and professional staff, and involving thought leaders, partners and a range of local, national and international stakeholders, GCU will enhance further its students’ global learning experience and continue to build on its growing international reputation. 

GCU is a forward-looking university that is committed to its social mission and motto of promising the common good.   Based in the heart of Glasgow, it has become an international center of excellence in higher education, promoting employability and global citizenship in its graduates. 

The University has been recognized with a series of awards for its support and commitment to the student experience while delivering innovation through its world-class research in key areas.  Our research centers include the Yunus Cenre for Social Business and Health and the Centre for Climate Justice working in partnership with the Mary Robinson Foundation.

With a tradition of widening access to higher education for talented individuals regardless of their backgrounds, the University harnesses its intellectual and social resources for the benefits of the communities it serves in Scotland and around the world.